Season six of Adventure Time recently wrapped up, and there’s currently no word on when season seven starts up. May as well grab your friends and go outside. The adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human are over for now, right?

Wrong! A new app / game from Cartoon Network lets you re-experience already-aired episodes of Finn and Jake’s grand adventures. You participate in the fun by following cues on-screen and making small changes to the predetermined action.

It’s unclear how many of these “appisodes” Cartoon Network plans to publish, but the first installment, Furniture and Meat, can be yours for $2.99 USD.


Playing / watching the appisode is much like participating in the FMV games that populated CD-based game consoles in the ’90s, as the actions you take have small effects on the overall story. For instance, early in Furniture and Meat, you get to actually participate in the pretend sword-fight BMO has with Nepter by swiping in different directions to block the robot’s “attacks.”

It’s cute, but admittedly there isn’t much to it. The fun is over in about 15 minutes, and the replay value is minimal. Very young Adventure Time fans should have a gas with it, though. Also, the appisode has copious amounts of BMO, which is never a bad thing.