Every beloved tale has lots of variations thanks to endless retellings and revisions. Few stories have as much cultural and historical clout as the legend of King Arthur, so it’s not too surprising to learn Square Enix has a hit card-based RPG based on the Knights of the Round Table.

What is surprising is the game’s hook: There’s more than one Arthur. In fact, there’s about a million. One million Arthurs have pulled one million Excaliburs from the stone, and are now running around in an attempt to defend Britain from invaders.

Just picture a medieval Oprah slinging swords to a massive audience. “You get Excalibur! And you get Excalibur!”


Aside from its concept, Million Arthur is a pretty standard card-based RPG. You build a deck, you evolve favorite cards with weaker sissy cards, you meet and make friends that can assist you in battle, and every step you take either helps you find cool stuff, or puts you face-to-face with trouble.

“Trouble” in Million Arthur equals rival knights , barbarians, dragons, and other baddies. No matter what happens, you must fight. If you fail to stand strong, be assured another Arthur will vault over you and take your glory.

Million Arthur is currently in soft-launch on Google Play, though only in select countries (including Canada and not including the United States). Look for a worldwide release soon.