Almost a year ago, Atari showed their commitment to LGBTQ gamers by announcing Pridefest, a game that would allow players to customize celebratory Pride Parade floats “with the goal of keeping their city happy and vibrant.”  At the time there were few details beyond the description, but Atari has finally released the first screenshots of Pridefest.


In addition to our first look at the visuals, Atari has announced their support of New York City Pride and Flame Con, the first LGBTQ comic convention, where they will be debuting the game, presumably showing actual gameplay. Event attendees will get the first looks of the celebratory game where players design and launch their own pride parade, connect with friends, create clubs and get social.

“Our theme for this year is ‘Complete the Dream’ and having a company like Atari on board embodies the celebratory, dynamic environment we strive to create at our Pride events in New York which attract 2 million annually,” said Chris Frederick, Editor-in-Chief and Managing Director of NYC Pride in a press release.


Geeks OUT, the group behind Flame Con was equally enthusiastic about Atari’s participation. Joey Stern, President of Geeks OUT said, “We’ve always wanted Flame Con to be a space for members of our community to experience new forms of Queer Art and with this game, Atari is helping us deliver on that goal.”

According to Atari, the social-sim game “celebrates LGBTQ equality and empowers players” as they create their personalized parades. If these first screenshots are any indication, the game also promises a colorful celebratory atmosphere for fans of resource management games or city builders. We still have no launch date at this time, but fans can sign up to receive the latest news and updates at