Contrary to what internet memes are desperate to tell us, cats are actually very affectionate creatures. Problem is, they tend to be affectionate on their own terms, and on their own time.

They’re kind of inconsiderate like that.

Fort Meow from the aptly-named Surprise Attack (again, you know how cats can be) is a physics-puzzle game that revolves around humankind’s mightiest struggle: Trying to read while cats demand attention. Its main character, Nia, wants to delve into the secrets of her grandfather’s journal, but her grandfather’s collection of dive-bombing cats makes that easier said than done.

To protect herself, she needs to build a sturdy pillow fort. The titular Fort Meow.┬áBut is it enough to ward off the constant torrent of cats accompanying her in her grandfather’s attic? And what are all those darn cats doing there in the first place?

Find out on June 25, when Fort Meow hits iPad. Until then, keep your eyes bright and your coat sleek.