The App Store and Google Play can be  cruel, cruel places. For every hit, there are a million misses — and some of those misses deserved to be featured right alongside the very best. Bear Winter was such a game. It debuted back in January, earned a glowing review from our own Eli Cymet, but never quite gained the traction it so rightly deserved.

Maybe becoming a paid app can change that.


The developers are removing the in-app purchases and ads, and converting the game to a paid app in three days time. If you didn’t pick up Bear Winter on our recommendation earlier this year, you can still grab it for free right now. And you really should. Yes, it’s a match-3 game — but it’s one that plays with the structure of the genre. You’ll need to collect fire for warmth, acorns for food, and arrows for defense if you want to survive when the bears finally arrive.

If I’m failing to convince you, go read Eli’s review. Or better yet, just grab the game and see for yourself. Hurry though — after the next three days, you won’t be able to do so without bringing your wallet out of hibernation.

Bear Winter is available on Google Play and the App Store.