Gamevil’s action-RPG series, Zenonia, has been a staple of mobile gaming for quite some time. Fans of retro Legend of Zelda games can happily relate to the series’ squat characters, cute monsters, and nonstop action.

The Zenonia games have successfully followed a comfortable formula over the years, which makes Zenonia S: Rifts in Time a bit of a departure. It’s an online adventure with quests, tasks, loot, and a central hub that has you rubbing shoulders with other players.


That may sound frightening depending on your view of online games, but fear not: At its heart, Zenonia S plays almost identically to its offline counterparts. You choose a starring character from a string of classes that offer long or short distance attacks. You go up against waves of enemies that look cute, but will gnaw your femur if you let your guard down. You collect the stuff you drop, and you make yourself stronger in order to take on harder quests.

In other words, everything that makes Zenonia satisfying to play still exists in Zenonia S — plus you have the option of bringing friends onto the battlefield to aid you (and you have lots of friends, right?).

Zenonia S: Rifts in Time is currently in soft-launch in select regions on Google Play (we played it in Canada), and should receive a worldwide release mid-July. It’s free to download.