When Disney bought Lucasfilm, they sort of threw the baby out with the bathwater. Asides from the six Lucas-helmed films, nothing from before the acquisition was canon anymore. Decades of comics, novels and video games ceased to have any meaning.

But while that’s a bummer, it also gave the franchise a clean slate.

Everything going forward, we’ve been told, will form a larger part of the Star Wars tapestry. There will be no ambiguity — if it’s Star Wars, it’s canon. And into this world, Kabam is bringing an RPG that will bridge a very important gap: Star Wars Uprising will be set after the end of Return of the Jedi and before the start of the next film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Gameplay details at this point are scant, but the studio is promising “a deep RPG experience” that will let players collect gear to customize their play style. In other words, it sounds like your choices won’t be limited to stock templates like “smuggler” or “Jedi.” Though I suppose we’ll have to wait or launch to see exactly how that shakes out.

The period after Return of the Jedi seems rife with possibilities. It’s the (potential) decline of the Empire, after all. Who wouldn’t love to play an RPG set in that? And with The Old Republic’s former lead writer Daniel Erickson involved in the project, it seems to have a top notch pedigree too.


Also, it’s worth remembering that Kabam has really been putting out top notch games lately. Case in point: Spirit Lords, Marvel Contest of Champions.

Star Wars Uprising will be launching worldwide this Fall, but a few select regions will be seeing a soft-launch in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep an eye out to see if your territory is strong with The Force.