AlphaBetty Saga is the latest match-3 game from King, the creators of Candy Crush Saga. While AlphaBetty Saga doesn’t have players matching together colored candies, it instead focuses on the player’s ability to spell short words.

Letter tiles fill the game board, and players must string together connecting letters to spell out words. The bigger, or more complex, the word is, the higher the score awarded for spelling it. As per-usual in King game, there are a few twists thrown into the mix. Players will have to carefully choose which words they spell if they are to successfully complete each level in the allotted amount of turns available.

These AlphaBetty Saga Tips, Cheats and Strategies are sure to help new players jump right into the game and get on a high-score spelling streak in no time.

Top of the Food Chain

Alphabetty Saga Tips Tricks Strategies

Sometimes AlphaBetty Saga decides to play nice and gives the player some easy-to-see words straightaway. If you’re particularly lucky, you’ll see more than a few words at the start of each level.

Consider, for a moment, that if you were to clear out the words at the bottom of the board this would cause all the letters in a particular column to shift downwards, potentially ruining the word-combination that was previously available at the top of the board. For this reason, I suggest that players start by clearing out the easy-to-spot words at the top of the board, and then gradually work their way down to the ones at the bottom. This downward sweep ensures that players don’t miss out on a single opportunity.

Acronyms Anonymous

Alphabetty Saga Tips Tricks Strategies

For some reason, acronyms are acceptable words in AlphaBetty Saga. The “words” EST and IOS were some of the recommendations that were made to me as I played the game.

Considering that most of us don’t know what acronyms will work (since you can basically make them up for anything), a cheap good tactic to then take into consideration is just trying to put random letter together when you’re in a pinch. Also, you never know what short, three-letter combinations work out to be actual words, so since your not limited to a certain amount of guesses feel free to just slide your finger around a bit until something clicks.

Wear Your Crown Proudly

Alphabetty Saga Tips Tricks Strategies

Throughout playing Alphabetty Saga, you’ll notice that some tiles are marked with tiny crown on them. Spelling a word that involves that special tile will help the player complete objectives.

So, for example, in the levels where you have to pop the bubbles around some letter tiles, if I spell a word that includes a crowned tile in it the crown being used will automatically pop one of the bubbled tiles. The crowned tile doesn’t even have to be touching the tiles it effects, so use that to your advantage if you back yourself into a corner.

Crown Fuel

Alphabetty Saga Tips Tricks Strategies

Since crownsare so handy in completing objectives, it’s handy to know how to make them appear. It’s very simple: players must spell four-letter words and a crown will fall down right onto a random tile. That’s all there is to it. Spell words like, “star” or “fuel” and boom, you have some stars ready to go.