Toon Squad from Tango combines base building with match-3 combat, using an engaging art style and entertaining dialogue (check out our full review here). Assemble and enhance your Toon team, join a squad to give or receive Toons and solve match-3 puzzles to battle your enemies. While the gameplay is fairly intuitive for a casual experience, there are some places where you’ll need to be strategic to advance. For those looking to get the most out of their team of Toons, be sure to read the following Toon Squad tips, tricks and strategies.

Stay Single

Single-player that is. Spend as long as you can playing single-player mode so you can amass as many Toons as possible. Your chances of a rare drop are relatively low, but you’ll be able to use any duplicates or weaklings to enhance your strongest Toons in the Laboratory. Once you have a strong team, head into Multiplayer to deliver some righteous smiting.

toon squad tips cheats strategies

Get Social

For some mobile games, social features are an afterthought but Toon Squad offers some seriously social benefits. Even if you aren’t one to normally join a squad, guild, alliance or other social group in a game, you’ll be rewarded here. First, you’ll be able to request or donate a Toon, upping your available Toons for help in battle. You’ll also be able send a “help” request to speed up building, healing or enhancing times. And finally, you can entreat your Squad mates to attack someone who has attacked you. You can also enjoy Global, Squad and Private chat conversations for additional help and entertainment.

toon squad tips cheats strategies

Know Your Strengths

When you’re assembling your team, be sure to check out the “Details” of a Toon listed under “Attack.” You’ll get a list of damage done by orbs destroyed in battle, which is unique to each Toon. When you start battling, remember the element that will do the most damage and focus on powerful combos to include those.

toon squad tips cheats strategies

Diversify Your Assets

If you are up against a boss who has a special offensive skill, make sure you battle with a Toon from a different element. For example, if you are battling Sgt. Leaf, she’ll turn Earth orbs on the board to bombs that count down to detonate with each move. But those bombs only appear if you make combos using Earth elements. If you use Emerald Gal to oppose, her strength in Earth elements will only speed up the detonation to work against you. Make sure your team is diverse so as you advance through enemies, you can change out your members as necessary to battle with opposing elements.

toon squad tips cheats strategies

Know When To Invest

If you think you’re going to be playing Toon Squad for a while, consider purchasing the Builder Pack for $4.99. This introductory starter pack gives you a second builder, 500 gems for speedups and refills, 500 tokens for Grabs, 3 Basic Grabs, hours of speedups and thousands in cash and oil. However, this pack is only available for a limited-time and once it’s gone, $4.99 will only get you 50 gems and a whole lot of regret.

toon squad tips cheats strategies


  • Use the same element when enhancing a Toon to get an XP boost.
  • You can sell a battle-worn Toon for full value instead of spending cash to heal them.
  • Every time you complete a stage on the map you get a free “Ultimate Grab” for a chance at rare Toons.
  • The “secret gift” box is timed to award gifts at different intervals, so don’t be discouraged by one long wait time.
  • Do those achievements and participate in events. Achievements yield a lot of gems and events have attainable tiers that will pay out solid rewards.