Based on a show loosely inspired by World of Warcraft, Locojoy’s Epic Heroes (initially released as “I Am MT,” which is the name it still goes by in Asian territories) garnered a significant Western fan base thanks to the game’s blend of card-based battles, RPG mechanics, and battle-cows.

A sequel is coming soon, young warrior calves. Titled Rush of Heroes, it’s already available in Asian territories (where it’s titled “I Am MT2,” of course). ¬†Going by the game’s trailer, Rush of Heroes appears to be much more hands-on than its predecessor.

The graphics are 3D and fully animated, and there’s apparently a more traditional battle system that does away with the first game’s cards (or at least diminishes their role). Don’t worry, though: The battle-cows are still grazing in this strange new world.

Cow or not, you can take up a profession in Rush of Heroes. You can be a fisherman or a miner, amongst other occupations. Presumably everything you make, do, and find will help you in your quest to be the kind of hero mother would be proud of.

Look for Rush of Heroes to hit the US on June 15th, published in English territories by Firefly Games.