When we first reviewed Fallen London, it was 2012 and the world was a very different place. Or at the very least, Gamezebo was. In addition to mobile games we looked at titles on a variety of platforms — including games that could only be played in your browser. And that’s where we first fell in love with Fallen London.

The game was already available for three years at that point, and in the three years since it’s seen plenty of new content and tweaks to the formula. For those not in the know, Fallen London is a text-based adventure set in alternate Victorian London, where the city has quite literally “fallen” into a subterannean world filled with gothic horrors. But as dark as that sounds, the game isn’t without a tongue-in-cheek charm.

Now, six years after its browser debut, Failbetter Games are bringing Fallen London’s more than 1.2 million words to mobile.


If you’re already a fan of Fallen London, you’ll be pleased to know that the mobile version will sync with your existing account, allowing you to continue your existing adventure on the go. And if you’re not, maybe you’ve heard of Failbetter’s more recent game Sunless Sea? It’s a desktop roguelike set in the world of Fallen London, and it managed to generate a fair bit of interest for its browser-based predecessor. The number of daily Fallen London players has doubled since Sunless Sea’s launch earlier this year.

Fallen London is coming to iOS sometime in 2015, with Failbetter Games hoping to release an Android version after that.