In space, no one can whine if you steal their stuff. Well, they can try to complain, but  since going head-to-head with other players and grabbing their resources is just another day with Pixel Starships, it’s not likely anyone will listen.

Pixel Starships is a sprawling starship management strategy MMOG from SavySoda. It’s currently on Kickstarter, but the team at SavySoda has already built some impressive examples of how this ambitious title will work. They’re hoping to raise at least $20,000 via crowdfunding to implement the rest of their big plans.

pixel starships

“Big” is a good word to describe Pixel Starships in general, despite the game’s seemingly simplistic 8-bit graphics. It aims to let players populate a single online world of massive size that grows and changes, not unlike an MMORPG similar to World of Warcraft. There are alien races to meet, ships to build, crew members to boss around, diplomacy to attempt, and, of course, other players to zap with space-lasers.

SavySoda aims to get Pixel Starships on iOS and PC whether the Kickstarter meets its goal or not. But if the Kickstarter does succeed and the team meets certain stretch goals, we might see Pixel Starships on other yet-unspecified platforms.

It’s going to be a long time before humanity can hope to frolic freely amongst the stars (let’s be honest with ourselves, here), so you could do worse than back Pixel Starships in the meantime.