Speaking on a purely personal note, rymdkapsel might be my favorite mobile game. It’s certainly in my Top 10. The clever mix of minimalist design and relatively fast-paced strategy make this one of the first games I recommend to everybody — even if its 45 minute play sessions do fly in the face of what makes most mobile games work.

If you’re as big a fan as I am, you’ll be pleased to learn that rymdkapsel’s creator grapefrukt has announced a big content update is coming our way on June 4th. Two new modes, four new monoliths, seven new missions and two new tunes for the soundtrack.

Phew. That’s a lot of rymdkapsel.

Of particular note are the game’s two new modes. Zen Mode will let you build your space station without ever worrying about the threat of enemy attacks, while Plus Mode is the “bigger, stronger, faster, better” version that should up the challenge for the game’s veteran players.

The update is also going to make the game look prettier on the latest round of iOS devices. Expect all of this new content as a free update for existing owners on iOS and Android June 4th.

If you don’t have rymdkapsel yet, you can rectify this immediately by visiting the App Store and/or Google Play.