There are two things about conducting a make-believe war that make it far preferable to waging war for real.

First and most obvious, people don’t die in war games. Only polygons and sprites suffer. There may come a day when said in-game characters gain sentience and turn against us for orchestrating their doom over and over, but for now, we fleshlings are safe.

Second, real-life war is a very time-consuming activity. Digital war, however, can be conducted in short bursts. That’s one of Ember Conflict’s strength: This real-time strategy game is ideal for two-minute battles that you can conduct from the comfort of your bus seat.

Ember Conflict is a game about drawing lines and capturing territory. You need to take over your enemies’ land, but at the same time, you need to defend your own region. You have all sorts of troops to help you out, including dino-riders, spearmen, warrior ladies mounted on tigers, and even some manner of pug-like creature.

And did we mention you’ll be squaring off against live opponents?

War is kind of a hard thing to conduct on your own, which is why Ember Conflict lets you team up with a pal. Of course, you can just go at it alone and grab armfuls of sweet glory for yourself.


Ember Conflict is currently in soft-launch on the Canadian App Store. If you have a Canadian iTunes account, consider saddling up on a tiger of your own.

The rest of the world can expect Ember Conflict on iOS and Android sometime this summer.