If you’re a fan of quick 10-second distractions (ie, the post-Flappy Bird boom of mindless mobile games), Tiny Ring is the next one that should probably be on your radar. It’s a racing game about doing laps around a simple track. There’s just one catch:

You can only turn left.

As you make laps around the square track, the speed increases and your reaction times need to increase alongside it. Turn too early and there’s no way to correct it; no brakes or ability to nudge back in the other direction.

I’ve been playing around with Tiny Ring in pre-release, and by micro-game standards, it’s a little easier to adopt to than most. You’ll get the hang of it right away, and you may even feel like you’re doing well… until you crash into the wall on your fifth lap.

Then sixth.

Then seventh.

My current high score is 8. I’ve no doubt that you’ll be able to race laps around that (ha ha) when the game launches next week. Tiny Ring will be available as a free download on the iOS App Store starting June 1st.