Dark Future is a miniature-based board game from Games Workshop. Its premise is based around a grim, dusty future where laws are non-existent and the car is god. Originally published in 1988, Dark Future takes heavy inspiration from Mad Max’s post-apocalyptic setting — and given the wild success of Mad Max: Fury Road, the time for a digital reboot is now. Right now. Under this merciless, blistering sun.

The reboot is being handled by Auroch Digital, the studio that developed another digital Games Workshop adaptation, Chainsaw Warrior. Dark Future: Blood Red States is a turn-based strategy game with guest appearances from mountains of guns, crazy stunts, and car wrecks galore.

Since the world is a polluted, lawless wasteland and the authorities are busy protecting the rich elite, you work as a state-sanctioned bounty hunter commissioned to keep the roads as safe as possible from the warring gangs that prey on travelers and each other.

Dark Future: Blood Red States is coming to tablets this winter. When the cold creeps in, you’ll be thankful for the game’s baked asphalt and burning sands.