If Canabalt gave birth to the endless runner and Temple Run refined it, Subway Surfers quickly became its third pillar. It introduced lane-switching gameplay and, seemingly overnight, made its mobile publisher Kiloo a force to be reckoned with.

But Kiloo didn’t make Subway Surfers. That honor belongs to SYBO, a Danish mobile games studio that’s ready to revisit the genre once more with the RPG-infused runner Blades of Brim.


Already available in soft launch on the Canadian App Store, Blades of Brim takes the lane-switching formula SYBO has already established and adds a healthy dose of action on top. This is a game that’s filled to the “brim” with enemies, so unlike other runners where your goal is to dodge obstacles, Blades of Brim challenges you to crash into them sword-first.

Doing so is as simple as swiping in one of four directions, but being able to keep up with every enemy and swipe at just the right time becomes an increasingly difficult challenge as the game progresses.


My experience with the game is still early, but I’ve already seen nice touches like pet summons (in my case, a wolf) that you can ride into battle, as well as a fairly sizable selection of weapons and armor to unlock.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a game that blends running and action, but I’ll be damned if my first few minutes haven’t left me wanting more. You’ll be able to try it yourself fairly soon; Blades of Brim has an iOS release date of June 4th.