Last October, Freehold Games released Sproggiwood onto Steam. The game combines Finnish folklore with roguelike game mechanics, and the resulting product was a well-received, challenging roguelike adventure. Now, half a year later, Freehold Games is gearing up to launch Sproggiwood on mobile devices.

Calling it a “PC-perfect port”, Freehold Games is positive that players who acquire Sproggiwood for their mobile devices will receive the exact same gameplay experience that players playing the game on Steam received. Because Sproggiwood is receiving such a true port, the developers are launching the game with a $9.99 price tag, keeping in-line with the Steam version’s price, which will receive a price drop to $9.99 (from $14.99) when Sproggiwood launches for mobile.

Sproggiwood tells the story of Sproggi, the guardian of the forest, Sprog. Disguising himself as a talking sheep, Sproggi leads the player through wondrous (and dangerous) forest levels where a mushroom civilization is discovered, and whose fate rests in the player’s hands.

As a story-driven roguelike Sproggiwood gives the player six character classes to choose from, all of which have the ability to have their gear and abilities tweaked to the player’s best interests.

Sproggiwood is set to launch on Android and iOS devices for $9.99 on May 28th.