Are you all stocked up on iTunes gift cards? Good, because it’s time to get shopping.

This week’s top new iPhone and iPad games offer up a healthy mix of premium priced goodness and free-to-play fun. Whether you’re into puzzle, action, strategy or SkiFree, there’s a little something for everyone.

What are you playing this week?

Til Morning’s Light

til morning's light

Developed by the acclaimed gamemakers at WayForward, Til Morning’s Light is a highly polished game of cartoon spookery. Our review is forthcoming, and I’ve been told by the writer that it manages to capture the same scary fun that you’d experience at Disney’s Haunted Mansion. It’s also worth noting that this is the second iOS game published by Amazon Game Studios. Considering how sharp their first turned out, I can’t help but have high hopes.



A truly unique blend of wordplay and strategy, Capitals challenges players to take control of the board by spelling words to claim tiles. Words With Friends should be shaking in its boots.

Sword of Xolan

sword of xolan

Old-school, 16-bit style platformers are difficult to pull off on a touch screen. We haven’t gone hands on with Sword of Xolan yet, so we can’t say how successful it is, but we will say this: the combination of great pixel art and the promise of MFi controller support have us hoping for a real winner.



A deep game of card combat with simple rules that’s quick to play? Earthcore sounds too good to be true — but we’ve been playing it for a few months thanks to an early soft launch, and I can comfortably say that it delivers on all fronts. It’s rock/paper/scissors at its core, but the formula is so tweaked and built upon that it’s barely recognizable in the end. Hearthstone gamers, you’ll want to add this into the rotation.

Skiing Yeti Mountain


Admit it: you miss SkiFree. And you’ve already played DudeSki until your fingers ached, so you’re on the hunt for a new addiction. Also, probably, a yeti. If this sounds like you, Skiing Yeti Mountain is the first game you should download on this week.

Crazy Kings

crazy kings

Tower defense meets card collecting. Considering how much both genres appeal to strategy gamers, it seems like it should be a match made in heaven. And since it’s a free download, there’s nothing stopping you from seeing if we’re right.



Brick breakers are no stranger to the App Store. In fact there are so many that it takes something really special to warrant a mention nowadays. The trick up Brickies sleeve? It’s the latest game from acclaimed mobile mirth makers Noodlecake Games. If you’ve ever enjoyed their past hits like Super Stickman Golf (or its clever spin-off Flappy Golf), that alone should be enough to make it worth a look.

Bad Dinos

bad dinos

The brains behind Ratchet & Clank seem to be pushing hard into mobile lately. The third title in as many weeks, Bad Dinos is Insomniac Games dive into the world of tower defense — and it’s got a Flintstone’s flair.

Blockwick 2 Basics

blockwick 2 basics

Blockwick 2 was an incredible game — so much so that it earned a perfect score in our Gamezebo review. But maybe you were still hesitant. Maybe you’re a believer in “try before you buy.” If so, be sure to grab this new free version that lets players cut their teeth on some easier puzzles before biting into the real thing.

The Top Spot


Sometimes things just overlap. It can’t be avoided. The Top Spot is about discovering which circles overlap which. The catch? You’ll need to maneuver these spots so that they’re in a position where you can find out which is on top.