If there’s one way you’ll need to think to survive tonight’s onslaught of new games, it’s “strategically.” While there’s plenty of variety in what’s being offered, make no mistake — tonight’s highlights all have a minimum brain power requirement.

If you like games that tickle your grey matter, this is going to be a very good week.


I’m not very good at Capitals, but I’m trying my best. An inventive new word game from NimbleBit (the Tiny Tower folks), Capitals adds strategy elements to the mix, tasking players to try and take all of the territory before their opponent does. It’s an interesting hybrid, and the only word game I’ve played where spelling the biggest word isn’t always the smartest move.


A quicker playing experience than Hearthstone, Earthcore offers a unique entry in the world of mobile CCGs. It’s essentially rock, paper, scissors, but modified to the nth degree. If you’ve ever wished there was a 2 minute alternative to Magic: The Gathering, you’ll want to be sure to give this one a download.

Blockwick 2 Basics

If you didn’t play Blockwick 2 when it launched earlier this year and you’re a fan of puzzle games, you just made my heart sad. Fortunately for you, the Kieffer Bros are launching a unique twist on their earlier puzzle hit — a free version that is less a demo and more, as they call it, “a primer to the Blockwick universe.” Expect 144 easy puzzles and a brief taste of the greater challenges the premium games has to offer.

Crazy Kings

Wooga, makers of fine mobile games like Agent Alice and Jelly Splash, are entering the publishing game this week. They’re presenting a new tower defense game from TicBits, and this one blends a card-collecting element into the mix.