I missed out on the SpongeBob SquarePants craze back when it caught on in the late 90s. I was just a little too old for the show, nor could I tolerate listening to those characters speak for more than a sentence. For reasons beyond my understanding, the franchise has stayed relevant well into today’s world. Kids just love the obnoxiously dumb sponge-guy and his equally obnoxiously (and painfully oblivious) friends.

With that said, there have been no shortage of SpongeBob games in the mobile gaming space. From SpongeBob Moves In to SpongeBob Diner Dash Deluxe there is a wide variety of SpongeBob Squarepants games to be played on mobile by today’s young whippersnappers.

SpongsBob’s Game Frenzy is one such game. But unlike the other SpongeBob games, Game Frenzy is a game made of many smaller games. Think of it like a Game and Watch game, or a WarioWare title.

SpongeBob Game Frenzy

In SpongeBob’s Game Frenzy players play little SpongeBob-themed mini-games in an effort to collect as many points as they possibly can. Obviously, the better they perform in the mini-games, the more points they will obtain.

After the player fails three mini-games, their session is over and their points are tallied up. If the player met their point goal, they are awarded with a new mini-game that is sorted into the rotation.

There are over fifty mini-games in total, ranging from helping Patrick make a snow angel, to brushing Gary the snail’s teeth. Each game takes mere seconds to complete, and the more games you complete in a row, the more the game demands a speedier performance until eventually, you are just not fast enough or make an error and it’s game over.

SpongeBob Game Frenzy

Even though the mini-games are very, very mindless, —one game simply has player poking the screen to emulate SpongeBob poking Squidward on the nose to wake him up— the sheer variety of mini-game types help to keep things from getting too stale too quickly. Not to mention that you’re only dealing with each mini-game for about ten seconds at a time.

Each mini-game is taken from a scene from the television show. So if you’re like me and never seen more than a few minutes of the show, you’ll have no idea why Squidward is being catapulted off of a pirate ship, for example, and you’ll just have to make up reasons on your own. I did not have a problem with the lack of explanation though, simply because this is a game clearly designed for the well established fan base, and I shouldn’t expect to pick up inside jokes on my first day at the job.

SpongeBob Game Frenzy

This is exactly the sort of game I could see myself playing with my friends, back when I was nine; sitting around the living room, watching everyone try to get the farthest without messing up. I would have had a blast with SpongeBob Game Frenzy, and as it stands, grown-up me had a bit of fun with the game too.

Just don’t expect me to start watching the show. I had the game muted in a matter of minutes. There’s no way I could make it through a full episode listening to these characters speak.