A passionate adventurer knows no boundaries when it comes to exploring the unknown. That’s why the popular puzzle-roguelike game Desktop Dungeons is coming to mobile. Now you can take it with you on those long, dusty journeys into uncharted realms (or on your train ride to work. Whichever).

Desktop Dungeons features very simple-looking graphics, but don’t let that simplicity fool you. This game is intensely challenging, and even if you don’t see bandits’ swords plunging into your guts, rest assured it’s happening. Again and again. And again.

But that’s part of the learning process. Desktop Dungeons lets you correct your mistakes and try over. If we all had the opportunity to attempt life again after dying, the Earth would be a great blue ball of geniuses. Unfortunately, that’s not how things work, so you’ll have to keep on living vicariously through video games.

The mobile version of Desktop Dungeons is a one-to-one port of the Enhanced Edition of the game, and brand-new features include cross-platform cloud synching.

There’s no set release date yet, but keep an eye out for it on iOS and Android.