Holy shmow! Another Adventure Time game is incoming, and this time it’s a Puzzle Quest title. That makes sense: Jake and Finn have been in RPGs, adventure games, hack and slash titles, and even card games. Settling into a puzzler seems like a natural step. Wherever there’s adventure of any kind, that’s where you’ll find the brothers.

Don’t expect Adventure Time Puzzle Quest to feature Jake and Finn moving pieces nicely while sipping ham chunk juice. Like other Puzzle Quest games (including Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign), this title from WayForward mixes a bit of battling with its match-three puzzle action.


Finn’s not about to go adventuring without his backpack, and as a result you can expect to gain access to tons of items and weapons in-game. There are also tournaments, daily events, and familiar faces to plunge your fist into. No one can say Magic Man never had it coming.

Look for Adventure Time Puzzle Quest on iOS and Android later this summer.