While it had a terrible name, 10000000 was an absolute blast to play in the Summer of 2012. The game mixed match-3 gameplay with roguelike RPG goodness, culminating in something you could lump in with 10 million other match-3 RPGs — but would be a fool for doing so.

The game’s developer, Luca Redwood, has been hard at work on a sequel for the last three years (taking a little break to release the unique Rock/Paper/Scissor game Smarter Than You). The end result, You Must Build a Boat, has been teased for a while now — but we finally know when you’ll get to play it. You Must Build A Boat has a confirmed release date for iOS, Android and desktops of June 4th.

While the basics of You Must Build A Boat look consistent with 10000000 — you’ll explore dungeons, get treasure, and progress/survive thanks to the magic of matching the correct tiles — there’s now an extra layer of gameplay on top of that.

I’d like to leave you guessing, but I think the title says it all.

“It’s got loads of cool new features,” Luca Redwood told us. “Capturing monsters, building up your boat and adding new and exciting rooms, random and nonrandom dungeon modifiers that change how each run has to be be played.”

All in all, it sounds like it should be a pretty exciting upgrade for fans of 10000000. Keep an eye out for this one when it hits your favorite mobile platform in just a few weeks.