Minimalist puzzle games are often minimalist in presentation, but not quite as minimal in gameplay. Sometimes gamers just want to play something where they can, as The Beatles sang, “turn off their minds, relax, and float downstream.”

The Top Spot looks like it might fit the bill.

Players just need to complete one simple task — figure out which circle is overlapping another one, and click all of the circles in descending order. The challenge? The circles won’t always overlap without a little help from the player.


With 200 levels promised at launch, we can’t guarantee that the whole experience will be as zen-like as the trailer suggests — but if using different tools to change the behavior of circles is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

The Top Spot is the debut release from UK-based developer Squidgy Hippo, and the latest game published under the Chillingo brand. You can expect The Top Spot to appear on the App Store next Thursday, May 21st.