As the Editor-in-Chief at Gamezebo, it’s debatably unethical for me to present the world a shortlist of my favorite mobile games makers — so instead of declaring Get Set Games one of them, I’ll just say this: I spent an unhealthy amount of time in 2014 playing Mega Jump 2 and Storm Casters.

The studio has finally revealed their next project, and if you’re a fan of past games like Mega Jump and Mega Run, you’ll be glad to know that your favorite red monster is back for one more adventure.

Mega Blast is a top-down game that seems to draw inspiration from Crossy Road — though if you’ve played their previous games, you’ll know that Get Set doesn’t copycat so much as take established formulas and tweak them into something refreshingly new.

Mega Blast marks a number of firsts for Get Set Games. It will be the first time Redford and friends have been modeled in 3D, and it’s the first time the developers are trying to harness the power of Unreal Engine 4.

One, it would seem, has led to another.

In fact, the studio received the Unreal Dev Grant from Epic Games, netting $18,000 to help with the Mega Blast’s production. There’s no word on when the game itself will launch, but if the video above is any indication it’s already in a fairly polished state.

Expect to see Mega Blast on the App Store (and enhanced for Metal-enabled phones) when launch day arrives.