It was only a few weeks ago that Kingdom Hearts series’ creator Tetsuya Nomura dropped some pretty big hints about a mobile entry for the series to be announced at Disney’s D23 Expo in Japan. But the November event is still six months away, so why are we hearing about a Kingdom Hearts mobile game now?

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X[Chi] was revealed in this week’s issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu. The game, aimed for a release on iOS and Android in Japan before the end of 2015, is based on the 2013 Japan-only browser game Kingdom Hearts X[Chi].

Kingdom Hearts X[Chi], the 2013 Japan-only browser game

Kingdom Hearts X[Chi], a browser game exclusive to Japan

Players can expect to participate in the Keyblade War, aka the great calamity that preceded all of the Kingdom Hearts stories you’ve played so far. It’s also said that the game will set the stage for some of what you’ll experience in Kingdom Hearts III, which will see Mickey and Riku searching for previous key wielders (speculation: we’re guessing that means you).

There’s no confimation on this one coming to the West, but considering the popularity of the Kingdoms Hearts brand (and the tie-in to the upcoming sequel), it’s seems fairly likely. There were even plans to bring the browser version stateside after its Japanese launch, but those fell through.

In the end, we’re still left with one big question: is this the announcement Nomura was suggesting for November? Or is there another mobile Kingdom Hearts game in the works?

[via SiliconEra]