It’s been a while since Miami’s favorite serial killer with a conscience has shown up on an iPhone, but it seems the Dark Passenger is stalking once again. The all-new Dexter: Hidden Darkness has gone into soft launch in Canada, brought to us by Quebec-based developer and publisher BlooBuzz.

Dexter: Hidden Darkness adopts a very different angle to the previous Dexter games, making use of hidden object gameplay to walk you through a day in the life of the righteous killer.


You begin as the blood spatter analyst for Miami Metro Police, looking for clues that will lead the Dark Passenger to his next kill.
The code of Harry must be adhered to, and due process fulfilled to ensure you’re targeting the right prey. All your favorite characters make an appearance too, including Deb, Angel and Vince.

Best of all, Dexter: Hidden Darkness is a free to play title, with in-app purchases for energy packs or instant access to different cases, but it seems you can work through the game without having to dip into your pocket to eventually get to the good (and gory) stuff.

Early user reviews are very positive, so we’re looking forward to Dexter’s next global tour hitting our smartphones soon.