Words can start wars, and words can end them. NimbleBit’s word-based war game, Capitals, is all about playing tug-of-war with letters. Just watch out for Q. That tail will poke a bloody hole in your head if you’re not paying attention.

Unlike most games that involve spelling words with tiles, there are few rules surrounding how and where you use letters in Capitals. If you want to spell “PANTS,” but the “P” is clear across the board, that’s fine. Touch it. It’s yours.


Here’s the kicker, though. If you spell words using the letters surrounding your territory (your capital), you build up a protective layer of tiles. This makes it harder for your opponent to spell their way into your land and seize your capital.

Whomever seizes their rival’s capital gets an extra turn. This makes it much easier to eliminate all opposing tiles and win the game.

Capitals is a game of wits and aggressive land-grabs. If you want in on the fun, the game is free and currently in soft-launch on the Canadian App Store (here’s how to become an honourary Canadian for app-downloading purposes).

If you’re an American and you’d rather not risk incurring the wrath of your Guardian Eagle, you can wait for Capitals’ worldwide release on May 21.