If you’re a developer who’s seen the sort of success that Crossy Road’s Hipster Whale has, you’d be a damned fool not to keep that going. That’s probably why the team has released update after update unleashing new characters into the world.

Most recently we experienced the British Invasion. Before that we were taken to the land of drop bears and Crocodile Dundee. And according to a tweet from Hipster Whale’s Matt Hall, we won’t have long to wait for the next new character installment.

What characters can we expect? As always, a quick peek at the Twitter account of Hipster Whale artist Ben Weatherall gives a pretty interesting look at what’s to come.

Full disclaimer: there’s no guarantee that all of these tweets represent a character that will appear in Crossy Road, but if past experiences are any indication, it seems safe to say we’ll see more than a few of them. (Still, some characters — like NYAN Cat or Gang Beasts — seem just as likely to be loving homages from the artist than logical inclusions).

Based on these images, can you guess the theme? We were leaning towards “sports,” but the inclusion of hamburgers really threw us off. Maybe “summer”?

Whatever the theme, here’s another bit of good news: you’ll be able to share your new Crossy Road characters on social media as you unlock them starting with the next update.