Realore’s trailer for its upcoming god-themed sim, Divine Academy, features footage of Zeus pecking away at an iPad. Surely Hera travelled into the future and purchased this toy for him after she got sick of her divine husband’s endless moonlit interludes with mortals. It’s no exaggeration to say half the conflicts recorded in Greek mythology began because Zeus couldn’t keep his toga on around some woman.

But Divine Academy serves a greater purpose than to simply keep Zeus entertained. The simulation revolves around building a university for young Greek deities, and you’re in charge.

Don’t go thinking some low-rent community college will do for holy nobility, either. You need to build a sprawling metropolis, fend off unwanted invaders, and enlist the help of the gods themselves to make your institute of learning worthy of divinity.

The team at Realore (who, if you’re a long-time Gamezebo reader, you’ll no doubt remember them as a leader in the casual PC market) has told us Divine Academy draws influences from games like Caesar and Black & White, so don’t go into this one expecting a by-the-numbers mobile town-building sim.

Divine Academy will be out worldwide on May 14. If Prometheus invites you to have a smoke, stay away. He’s a troublemaker.