Nothing fills up my nostalgia meter faster than a Super Nintendo-styled pixel-packed platformer. I grew up playing these kinds of games, and to me, they will always hold a place close to my nerdy heart as some of my first steps into the world of video games.

With the upcoming release of Alper Sarikaya’s Sword of Xolan on the horizon, I sincerely hope that the game can deliver the sort of quality nostalgic experience that the visuals promise.

Sword of Xolan is about a warrior named Xolan who is on a quest to rescue captured townsfolk from the game’s villain, Borzandar. In his quest Xolan will come across over thirty different monster types, three different bosses, thirty levels, and nine time-based trials. The game will also feature support for MFI Controllers, as well as customizable touch-screen controls.

Longtime readers may recall that Alper Sarikaya was the developer behind 2013’s MANUGANU, which we reviewed quite favorably. We are keeping our fingers crossed for an equally, if not more, entertaining experience when Sword of Xolan launches later this month.