When it first launched in May of 2014, I fell in love with the Gameboy-era ways of 2-Bit Cowboy. Displayed in that perfect, green-tinged monochrome, the game lived up to the lofty promise its description, “WesternVania,” promised. It was a cowboy experience with MetroidVania roots, all wrapped in a package that was perfect for the shortened attention span of mobile gamers.

But it wasn’t free, dammit.


To celebrate the game’s first birthday, that’s changing. At least for a little while. The game is currently on sale for the low low price of $0 for iOS gamers. (Sorry Android friends — it’s still 99 cents on Google Play).

If you haven’t played it yet, make like a bandit and take what’s yours. The rootin-tootin’est Wild West adventure of 2014 (via 1989) can be downloaded for free from the App Store.