When life hands you lemons, you make lemonade. When life hands you a goat, however, you should probably throw that goat in the midst of a zombie apocalypse.

This week’s new releases are full of life lessons like that.

Hundreds of new iPhone and iPad games hit the App Store every week, but for our money, these are the 10 worth knowing about right now.

Goat Simulator GoatZ

goat simulator goatzGoat Simulator: the April Fool’s Joke that eventually became its own game, and then became a phenomenon. Today that phenomenon gets a spin-off of sorts; GoatZ combines goat-based physics with the challenge of surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Grim Fandango Remastered

grim fandango remastered

When Double Fine released Grim Fandango Remastered earlier this year, smartphones were seemingly left out of the equation. It was a bummer — especially considering the other great mobile games Double Fine has been putting out. This week, though, we were given a great surprise when Manny and his crew surfaced on the App Store. If you’ve never played Grim Fandango (and love point-and-click adventures), consider this an absolute must-buy.


screen1136x1136[1]Its been a long time coming, but the turn-based strategy game formerly known as Kingdoms has finally come out of beta. It’s minimalist in style — just tap an adjacent square to spread your influence — but you’ll need to block your opponent too. Simple strategy isn’t necessarily simple, and I can’t help but feel that’s a good thing.

Beast Quest

screen1136x1136[1]Whether it’s Shadow of the Colossus, Infinity Blade, or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, gamers love a chance to take on powerful titan after powerful titan. The latest game with this notion in mind is from Miniclip, and as a free release with the promise of big ol’ monsters, this one has earned a special place on my download list this week.

Empires & Allies

screen1136x1136[1]If Clash of Clans were a little more like Command & Conquer, it would be Zynga’s latest release. Empires & Allies blends elements of both series, creating a battle strategy game that’s familiar, yet evolutionary. Read our full review to find out more.

Legend of Grimrock

legend of grimrockIf you’re old enough to remember Dungeons & Dragons gold box games, you’re probably old enough to remember them fondly. Grimrock is partly an homage to that era, but underneath that its old school presentation is surprisingly modern (and deeply satisfying) gameplay. We’re delighted to see that it’s finally come to iPad.

Dive for Honour: Cold War

dive for honor cold warNow you can play submarine without the need for bubble bath! (Also, this one has multiplayer death matches supporting up to 8 players — try doing that in a standard suburban bathtub.)


evocreoThe latest Pokemon-alike to hit the iPhone has a great retro style and a pretty painless price point. Can it live up to the legacy that inspired it? Probably not, but we’re damned curious to find out.


11187373_824627737608135_4001280305852226886_o[1]If you think you have what it takes to survive in upper management, try making life and death decisions for an entire starfleet and get back to me. Spacecom made a splash on desktops last year, and now its minimalist strategy management gets a little bit tinier — so small that it can fit on your the screen of your phone.

Armadillo Gold Rush

armadillo gold rushArmadillos love to roll, but only in four directions. Give this little guy a nudge to guide him through puzzles, gathering coins and avoiding plenty of obstacles along the way.