You kids today with your Mortal Kombat X‘s running flawlessly on your so-called “smart phones.” In the ’90s, cellphones were for calling your mom to reassure her you were totally at the library and not actually binging at Antonio’s House of Tacos and Tequila.

Okay, we’ll admit it. Back then, cellphones were also for Snake.

Snake, which debuted in 1997, became a staple for Nokia phones. Like many arcade-style games, its premise is simple: Move a snake (represented by a plain black line of pixels) around an open field to eat food (more pixels). The more your snake eats, the bigger it grows. If it bites its own tail, the game’s over.


Snake is easy to grasp, but the game is also capable of gobbling up your free time like the aforementioned pixelated reptile scarfing down pellets of digital food. Rumilus Design believes the game is overdue for a return, and it’s teaming up with the game’s original creator, Taneli Armanto, to bring Snake Rewind to smartphones.

Snake Rewind utilizes the same basic mechanics as its ancestor, but there are modern twists afoot. You can collect fruit power-ups and score multipliers, compete against friends for high scores, and rewind the action a bit if you muck up. Otherwise, it’s still a snake-eat-dot world out there.

Snake Rewind hits iOS, Android, and Windows Phone on May 14. Hssss!