Last November we reviewed Sunburn! from Secret Crush Corporation and we really, really liked it. The space-based puzzler has players bouncing around outer space as an astronaut, collecting their fellow crew members and dragging them with you into the sun, to die.

I suppose a little context is necessary.

So as a close-knit group of astronauts, you and your crew made a pact that no one will die alone. When death is imminent after your spaceship breaks, it falls on your shoulders to collect your crew members and carry them into the nearest sun.

With over fifty physics-based puzzles to solve, Sunburn! offers players a lot of gameplay content to bound through.

We liked Sunburn! so much that we listed as one of our Top Mobile Games of 2014 That You Didn’t Play. Now all you Androidians will no longer have a valid excuse as to why you haven’t yet gotten your hands on this excellent little game.

Look for Sunburn! on Google Play beginning May 14th, for $2.99