In RareSloth’s upcoming top-down puzzle platformer game Furdemption, players must endure the difficulties that a bunny trapped in hell experiences on its quest for freedom.

Furdemption has players hopping around the depths of hell, attempting to gather enough feathers to assemble a pair of wings that will then be used to fly them to freedom. Each level features a number of difficulties that players will need to overcome, or simply dodge, as they attempt to gather those feathers. From lava pits and crumbling rocks, to spinning blades and reapers, players will need to time their every move if they are to succeed at completing each level.

If the 100 levels launching with the game are not enough for tenacious players, RareSloth is integrating a level editor into Furdemption that will allow players to construct new levels, ultimately with the chance of the level being selected by RareSloth and being featured in the actual game.

Furdemption has an expected iOS release date of late June 2015, and there is currently an open beta taking place through May 10th.