While there are seemingly endless mobile game announcements these days, few upcoming titles are quite as high on our radar as Star Trek: Timelines. The first major release from Disruptor Beam after the sublime Game of Thones Ascent (which is still going strong), Timelines makes the bold promise of mixing strong storytelling with a massive cast drawing from all eras, as well as gorgeous starships.

In other words, they’re trying to make the Star Trek game you’ve always wanted.

But “here’s what we want to do” and “here’s what we’ve done” are rarely the same thing, so it’s nice to finally get a glimpse at the game in action to see how close they’re coming to that promise. The game was recently showcased at PAX East, and hearing the words “in orbit around the Genesis planet” in this video is enough to fill my little geek heart with joy.

There’s still no word on a release date for Star Trek: Timelines, but it’s worth noting that they’re using words like “early” and “alpha,” so it might not be as quick as you’re hoping. Still, judging by the 10 minute video above, it could well be worth the wait.