If you’re a moviegoer, you’re probably acutely aware that summer blockbuster season is right around the corner. It seems to start earlier every year, and with the May 1st release of Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2015’s season seems to be the earliest yet.

And with summer blockbusters come summer mobile game tie-ins.

This week we see the launch of two of these (well, one is more a “sorta” tie-in), as well as a handful of other new iOS games worth trying.

Marvel Future Fight

marvel future fight

Superheroes: saving the world through punching things. Today you can join in on their thug-thumping antics with a new brawler from Netmarble, timed suspciously close to tomorrow’s big movie launch: Avengers Age of Ultron.



The makers of Trouserheart are back with a brand new RPG. This one combines cards with combat in a story that spans six hours. BONUS FACT: If you like the story, there’s a book on the way set in the same world, and it goes by the same name.

Jurassic World: The Game

jurassic world game

Ludia have followed up the success of Jurassic Park Builder with, you guessed it, another Jurassic Park building game branded with the name of the new movie. If you’re as exciting for rampaging dinos as I am, this *might* give us an early look at some of the new species we’ll encounter in theaters this summer.

Chalkboard Pinball Creator

chalkboard pinball creator

Back in the Commodore 64 days, us old fogies played a little game called Pinball Construction Set. If you have fond memories of that, you’ll almost definitely want to give Chalkboard Pinball Creator a download.

Bears vs Art


Finally out of soft-launch after more than a year, Halfbrick’s latest game has players wrecking priceless works of art with their grizzly claws. That’ll teach them for opening art galleries where Yogi and Boo-Boo live.



Battle against other players as you send dots back and forth with unique abilities. This one looks frantic, and we can’t help but think it’s going to be at its most fun when played locally with your friends on the same device.

Ys Chronicles 1

ys chronicles 1

It might not have the name recognition of Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest, but the Ys series has been a staple of the JRPG scene for decades. Ys Chronicles 1 is an update of the very first game, giving 21st century mobile players a chance to know the world for the first time.

Wedding Escape

wedding escape

Match-3 hybrids are all about survival — but I don’t think I’ve seen one about the survival of your bachelorhood before now. Expect a quirky good time as you make a mad-dash from the altar.



Climb a tower in this new roguelike that focuses less on equipment than it does on movement. Imagine a dungeon crawl with movement limitations like chess pieces, and you’ll be in the right ballpark.

Godspeed Commander

godspeed commander

Is this FTL meets Puzzle Quest? We’re not entirely sure, but we’re eager to find out. Customize your ships and conduct space battles through¬†puzzle-based gameplay.