You’ve played a lot of Mr. Jump in the last month. It’s ok — you’re not alone. The game surpassed 5 million downloads in its first four days. And while there were only 12 levels, it’s unlikely you got through all of them; Mr. Jump is gruelingly difficult. This, strangely, is a big part of its appeal.

Today the number of levels in Mr. Jump has doubled. Developer 1button has added 12 more levels of mayhem for players to try and conquer — and you don’t even need to finish the first 12 levels to check them out.

Players can experience the new set of levels by selecting “World B” from the start menu. The first new stage introduces a jetpack that controls just like Jetpack Joyride. What you’ll find in the other 11, I couldn’t begin to guess. After 50 attempts at World B Stage 1, I’m still at 39% completion.

The 12 new levels are available now as a free update. If you haven’t played Mr. Jump before, you can grab it for free from the App Store.