If you’re a fan of Sokoban (or Boxxle, or Boxy Boy, or… you get the picture), it’s likely been a long while since you’ve had a mobile box-pushing puzzler that’s really swept you off your feet. The last great game that involved box-pushing that I can remember was Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, a game that debuted almost a full year ago.

Armadillo Gold Rush is looking to break that dry spell, and while it’s a name you might not be familiar with yet, there’s a good chance you will be. The original version appeared on mobile phones back in 2006 (back in the pre-smartphone era), and did well enough to position developer AppAbove as one of the founders of Indie Fund, an organization aimed at helping indie game makers achieve financial independence.

The new version of Armadillo Gold Rush is promising 75 levels of box-pushing, button-pressing action. Unlike most games in this genre, there’s a catch: your armadillo can only be stopped by rolling into another object, so you’ll have to plan each move with care.

Armadillo Gold Rush will be arriving on the App Store on May 7th for $2.99.