When I talk to people who don’t play Hearthstone, I hear the same excuse over and over again: “I know how addicted I’ll get, so I’m not even going to start.”

These sentiments echo my own about Democracy 3.

Carving its own unique niche in the simulation genre, the Democracy series has been providing armchair political junkies with the means to grow their own fledgling nation however they see fit for more a decade now. It’s a series that has an absurd amount of depth and detail, and I personally lost a month of my life to it when Democracy 2 launched back in 2007. After that, I swore to myself: never again.

But I’m about to eat my words.

99 cents is a crazy good price for Democracy 3 (it’s normally $9.99 on the App Store, and it’s $24.99 on Steam), and I’ve been growing more tempted by the day to try the third installment since its launch on the iPad last summer.

Are you ready to start your own country too? There’s no word on how long this sale will last. Democracy 3 for the iPad is just 99 cents on the App Store right now.