If we were to make contact with intelligent life beyond our atmosphere, what could we possibly offer them? Pizza’s a given. Maybe the art of parkour. And, heck – how about golf? Golf is good, even though its fiddly physics risk turning an otherwise peaceable race into a horde of maniacs.

Indie game developer Morgan McGuire (whose earlier works include Skylanders, Titan Quest, and Call of Duty) is already cooking up ways to make golf more friendly for any extraterrestrial pals that come on down from above. Project Rocket Golfing combines the sport with floaty planetoid physics and weird alien terrain like jagged rocks and ice. You also get to craft technology and learn trick shots to help you better your score.

Ultimately, your goal in Project Rocket Golfing remains similar to what’d you’d expect from the earthbound version of golf: Get a hole in one. Easier said than done when you have to make your ball loop around asteroids and the inexorable pull of black holes. You’ll never complain about boring Earth hazards like water traps again.

Except you probably still will.

You can download Project Rocket Golfing for $2.99 USD from the App Store.