Freddy Fazbear is coming back. You knew he’d be coming back, in your heart of hearts. After all, a gentlemen never leaves his hat behind. Even if that gentleman has three extra mouths sewn onto the soft meat of his body (all the better to digest you with, my dear).

Yes, Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 arrives this Halloween. Given how swiftly FNAF games have been released over the past six months, having to wait until All Hallow’s Eve for the latest Fazbear show seems a little weird. Undoubtedly developer Scott Cawthon is pouring everything he has into this game, which the teaser on his website declares is “The Final Chapter.”

(Because when a horror franchise tacks “Final” onto its name, it’s always coming to an end, guys!)

Typical of a FNAF teaser, the image for FNAF 4 hides something in its depths. Tumblr users brightened the picture and found a hidden word, “NIGHTMARE” lurking in its shadows. That’s apt. The new Freddy Fazbear looks like he’s more interested in pulling out your spine like an apple core than he is in singing you a birthday song over some bad pizza.


Also, the header for Scott’s page, “Scott Games,” is peppered with 7’s and 8’s. What on Earth does that mean? A reference to the series’ fabled “Bite of ’87?” Only Freddy knows.

We’ll certainly find out more in the coming months.