2012’s Punch Quest was fantastic, yet financially ruinous. It was the first (and thus far only) free-to-play offering from Rocketcat Games, made in collaboration with Madgarden (aka Paul Pridham). But while it saw critical acclaim and a huge install base, Punch Quest’s developers spoke publicly of their struggles to turn that success into cold hard cash.

So it would be a little surprising if we got a sequel.

As such, a tweet from Paul Pridham’s @madgarden account today has left us genuinely (if not delightfully) surprised:

While it’s far from an announcement of Punch Quest 2, it’s pretty clear that one of the key players behind Punch Quest is giving some very public thought to the possibility. And considering he still has close ties with Rocketcat Games (they’re working on Death Road to Canada together), it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility.

Would you play another Punch Quest? Before you answer, go download (or re-download) the first game from the App Store or Google Play right now. After all, it is free.