Chess may be one of humanity’s oldest and most respected board games, but it can also be a bit dry – unless you’re lucky enough to witness a tournament wherein at least one competitor goes mad and tries to bite the head off a knight. Alas, it doesn’t happen often.

Thankfully, anyone craving a chess-like game containing a bit of punch (and some slimes, and some yetis, and some fire monsters) will soon be able to turn to MicRogue, a strategy game that’s all about survival and tower-climbing.

That’s pronounced “mike-rogue,” by the way, not “mick-rogue.” McRogue is the Hamburglar’s surname. Robble robble.


MicRogue is another work from Jason Pickering, the developer of the adventure title Relic Rush. You climb up a tower floor by floor, picking your way around traps and attempting to outsmart enemies. How you move in MicRogue is actually far more important than your ability to dole out damage. That’s because if you’re clever enough, you can goad enemies into traps, or even use their corpses to hurt other baddies.

See how high you can climb when MicRogue hits iOS on April 30th.