When we talk about survival horror games, familiar names crop up again and again: Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Dead Space, Five Nights at Freddy’s – the usual suspects. That’s fine, but it’s time to be honest with ourselves. The one game we should mention is never brought up because we struggle every day to repress its memory. That game is–

[looks around, leans in, whispers:]


I’m terribly sorry if I ripped a terrible flashback from the deepest recess of your most fortified memory banks, but SkiFree’s potency as a horror game needs to be acknowledged. Think about it: You would boot up a colorful skiing game on Windows 3.1 and go sliding downhill, only to have it all come to a horrible end when a yeti darts out of the trees like a grey phantom and eats you alive. Totally heart-stopping, totally unexpected. That’s how horror is done.


And that’s how Featherweight hopes to do horror again with Skiing Yeti Mountain, a retro-style skiing game that takes inspiration from SkiFree – including the presence of a certain monster that doesn’t want you on its mountain.

Just because we don’t see him directly, it sure doesn’t mean he isn’t there.

Skiiing Yeti Mountain actually encourages you to interact with “cryptology’s greatest prize,” but if the bloody trail in the teaser isn’t enough of an indicator, Yeti-kun will only let himself be spotted on his own terms. The game hits iOS and Android on May 21. Try to stay¬†ahead of your doom.