It’s been an interesting few weeks for soft launches. Not only have we seen a few from King (Paradise Bay, Splish Splash Saga), but we’ve also seen a fantastic word game from the makers of Triple Town.

Guess what? It looks like King has one of those too.

First brought to our attention by Gamezebo reader and eagle-eyed tipster @5_0_R_1_A, Alpha Betty Saga is now live on Google Play in Spain (and is also available to play worldwide on Facebook).


Alpha Betty Saga tells the tale of a mouse and her grandfather in the 1930’s on an adventure to find undiscovered words. It’s a cute premise, and while it sounds silly, including the name of the game’s hero in the title might help King create the kind of stickiness with its characters they’ve always wanted to. (You can picture the Candy Crush characters in your head… but can you name them?)

After playing the first few levels of Alpha Betty Saga on Facebook, it’s not hard to see what King are going for here. Alpha Betty Saga is a merging of two worlds: the falling-block, power-up heavy world of Candy Crush Saga and the spelltastic world of games like Scrabble, Boggle and Bookworm Adventures. And from what little we’ve seen, it’s a combination that works really well.

But don’t just take our word for it. The game is available on Facebook right now, and if it’s anything like every other King release, your progress will sync to your mobile device when the game hits the App Store or Google Play in your region.

Dust off those dictionaries, kids. I think this one might just be a biggie.