Assuming everything plays as well as we’re hoping, this is a week of many pleasant surprises. The second big WWE mobile game of 2015 snuck up on us, Amazon’s first iOS game launched, Hearthstone hit the iPhone, there’s a new game from the team behind King’s League: Odyssey — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Are there any great games we missed in our roundup this week? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


wwe 2k mobile

2K Sports have released a few notable games on mobile in the last year (NBA 2K15, NHL 2K), but this is the first time they’ve brought a full “sports entertainment” simulation to mobile. Considering they’ve mastered the art of simulated wrasslin’ on consoles, we have high hopes that their expertise will translate well to touch screen devices.

Lost Within

lost within

Amazon Game Studios have some pretty cool projects on the go, and good news! They’re no longer exclusive to Amazon devices. Lost Within is their first game on iOS. It’s a spooky jaunt through an old asylum, where some of its old residents might pop in to say hello.


hearthstone iphone

If you haven’t played Hearthstone yet, you’re probably not going to. But seriously — go play Hearthstone. This week the game made the jump from tablets to phones, so now you can dish out damage and rise through the ranks right after you text your mom and ask her to buy more Cheerios.

Tiny Guardians

tiny guardians

The team behind King’s League Odyssey are trying to re-invent a strategy sub-genre once again; this time, it’s tower defense. Will they succeed? Find out when our review goes live in the coming days.

Captain Rocket

captain rocket

Ketchapp’s latest 10 second time-killer has players jumping from rocket to rocket in an attempt to set a new distance high score. Try not to get blown up, get blown up, then try again. It’s the Ketchapp way.

Garfield: Survival of the Fattest

garfield survival of the fattest

It’s a little like The Simpsons: Tapped Out of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, but, it’s Garfield. If you’re a fan of the big orange cat, this will no doubt be the first big game you download this week.

War Dragons

war dragons

It’s been a long while since we’ve seen a new game from one-time market leader Pocket Gems, and it seems like there was good reason for the delay. Their latest game is fully-rendered in 3D, and from what we’ve seen, looks absolutely gorgeous. A defense game with dragons – what’s not to love?

Layer – simple is hard

layer simple is hard

This week’s noteworthy minimalist puzzler comes courtesy of Gamenauts — the publisher behind Ninja Fishing and King’s League: Odyssey. Try to stack all of the layers into a single square by moving them to adjoining squares.

Brutus & Futée


Paint objects and background elements to help retired comic strip characters survive 12 chapters of adventuring. Old cartoons never give up.



While it’s not quite what we were expecting, ZenBalls delivers on its promise of mellow gameplay, pinball, and Breakout. If you like any of those things, you’ll want to give this a download.

Spellcrafter: The Path of Magic


Turn-based strategy with gesture-based spellcasting. Sounds like an RPG that was clearly made with mobile in mind. From the makers of the futuristic racing series Flashout.

The Paris Dossier


If you’re a World War II nut with a love for point-and-click adventures, this is a game you’ll want to take note of. As a British spy, you’ll work your way through the Nazi regime in an attempt to reach out to the French Resistance.

Mega Drift

mega drift

Drifting is a big deal in racing games nowadays, so why not a racing game that’s all drifting? Hit checkpoints and squeal tires in the latest offering from Chillingo.

InMind VR

inmind vr

If you have a Google Cardboard setup kicking around, you might want to dust it off and pop your iPhone in this week. It’s a journey through the human mind, courtesy of NIVAL, aka the team behind Etherlords.


adaline stealth skill cats

Described on the App Store as “as adventure of stealth, skills and cats,” Adaline looks too cute to not mention in this week’s roundup. You’ll need to deliver pizza with the help of cats, as you try to avoid a forest full of wolves.