Terra Battle, the excellent puzzle / battle game put together by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, is getting a crossover with another excellent (though decidedly non-Final Fantasy) Sakaguchi title: The Last Story.

The games should make great companions. Both feature wandering mercenaries looking for answers in worlds that are slowly dying. But whereas you can (and should) download Terra Battle right now, the Wii-exclusive The Last Story is a bit of a tougher find, especially in North America.

Admit it: this screen makes you wish you'd played The Last Story.

Admit it: this screen makes you wish you’d played The Last Story.

Nintendo initially had no plans to localize The Last Story outside of Europe; it arguably only happened because the localization movement Operation Rainfall banged pots and pans together to make everyone pay attention to what we were missing out on.

Currently, there’s very little information on how the crossover will materialize. Presumably it’ll happen as an update within Terra Battle itself, but there’s no word on what features we can expect, or how the games’ stories will merge. We’ll find out more on April 23 through a live show streamed on the Japanese video sharing service NicoNico.

We’ll have more info after the show is aired – and translated, if necessary.